flu 4Its that time of the year again , the change of seasons which for some is a delightful experience spent cuddling in front of a warm fire ,enjoying wholesome food and enjoying life slowing down a tad bit. However,the change of season also means that its ” influenza season ” . The 2009 flu pandemic has really put the flu on the map again and rightly so. There are many lives lost each year due to the flu and in many instances we don’t have enough defenses to fight this deadly disease. Those more prone to the flu include infants, the elderly and those with chronic diseases and lower immunity. This year’s Flu strain is reputed to be quite deadly with the Northern hemisphere reporting many deaths in the age groups mentioned above.

The best solution is to vaccinate and ensure that You and your family are protected. The more people that get vaccinated in an area will allow less of the virus to be spread and less people to become ill. The flu vaccine was late this year as they have added another strain of virus which makes it much more protective.

Their are many myths about the safety of vaccinations which has really not been proven and the CDC and WHO are recommending that all persons be vaccinated and not just those that are high risk

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